Keith Green
The Live Experience
Pop / Religieus

1. You Put This Love In My Heart 
2. Because Of You 
3. Soften Your Heart 
4. Oh Lord, You re Beautiful 
5. Your Love Broke Through 
6. Asleep In The Light 
7. How Can They Live Without Jesus? 
8. Piano Prelude / Create In Me A Clean Heart 
9. Easter Song 
10. I Can t Believe It 
11. If You Love The Lord 
12. When I Hear The Praises Start 
13. There Is A Redeemer 
14. I Want To Be More Like Jesus 
15. Make My Life A Prayer To You 
16. My Eyes Are Dry 
1. Over two hours of live concert performances 
2. 60 minute documentary Your Love Broke Through 
3. Bonus Features 
3. He'll Take Care of the Rest
4. To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice
5. The Sheep and the Goats
6. Asleep in the Light
7. The Victor
8. Make My Life a Prayer to You
9. Because of You
10. So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt 
11. My Eyes Are Dry
12. Soften Your Heart
13. Jesus Commands Us to Go!
14. Asleep in the Light
15. Open Your Eyes
16. When I Hear the Praises Start
17. I Can't Wait to Get to Heaven
18. I Can't Believe It
19. Dear John Letter (To the Devil)
20. Easter Song
21. Keith's Testimony
22. Make My Life a Prayer to You
23. Bonus Materials

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Keith Green
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