Roberta Gambarini
Easy to love

Release: 23-09-2022



Roberta Gambarini – vocals
James Moody – tenor sax & vocal
Tamir Hendelman – piano/ Gerald Clayton – piano
John Clayton – bass
Chuck Berghofer – bass
Willie Jones III – drums
Joe La Barbera – drums .

There are few voices in jazz which receive eulogies like these from such authoritative sources. It’s all the more astonishing that it is a European singer who earns such tributes from musicians on both sides of the Atlantic.

Indeed, Roberta Gambarini is the exemplary and self- confident answer to the plethora of female vocalists from Europe, among whom – let’s face it – are a number of inadequate and over-hyped talents. But let us tell Roberta’s story from the beginning.

Most jazz lovers will be familiar with the musical Roberta from the year 1930, which features the famous evergreen, Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. A young couple from Turin loved this tune so much that they decided to name their new-born daughter after it. They could have had no premonition that their baby child would become an internationally known singer.

Today Roberta Gambarini proves every time she sings that the association of her name with music from the Great American Songbook was most appropriate. With a lyrical singing style which shows commitment to the heritage of Monk, Gillespie and Benny Carter, she delights us with her début album, Easy To Love, recorded in L.A.

Limited audiophile artist signature edition (1999 copies worldwide) 180 gr. vinyl.
IN+OUT Records releases this masterpiece Gambarini’s debut album – for the first time on vinyl.

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