Ron Carter
& Richard Galliano
An evening with

Release: 11-11-2022

Side A
1. Einbahnstrasse (5:56)
2. Billie (5:51)
3. Waltz For Nicky (5:13)
4. Tango Pour Claude (4:24)
Side B
1. Aria/Libertango (10:44)
2. You Are My Sunshine (09:15)
3. Blues For D.P. (06:26)
4. Ah Rio (05:53 )



They could make it a lot easier for themselves, especially at their age and with their reputation. Play something so that people identify with them: easy-listening, swinging mainstream, or flowing music in the sound of musette.

Hello Mr. Carter, nice to meet you! Bonjour Monsieur Galliano, comment allez-vous? Each on his own, searching for cheers and acclaim; the one in jazz clubs downtown, and the other in concert halls near the Seine. However, whoever knows the two „partners in crime” or „partenaires dans le crime” knows only too well that they have searched for risks during their lives like adrenaline junkies, never approached the adventure of music from the safe side, but instead always wanted to go beyond their own horizon.

Maybe it’s curiosity, but perhaps also the wisdom to have realized at an early stage that the restriction to yourself never advances anyone, but instead brings you to a halt and sometimes even takes you a step backward. As a result, Ron Carter and Richard Galliano decided to risk intercontinental collaboration for the second time after 1990, when they recorded their acclaimed album „Panamanhattan” in Paris. Here the French accordion master, whose fingers fly over the keyboard with acrobatic ease and can make the instrument weep in melancholy or rejoice with joy. There the American bass wonder, whose deeply tuned strings enhance more than 2,500 (!) recordings and are among the cornerstones of the complete artistic works of Miles Davis, Eric Dolphy, Archie Shepp, Herbie Hancock, Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

In & Out Records LP Audiophile Edition, 180 gr. Premium virgin vinyl.

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